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What are the documents to be submitted by RIS in SVAT?

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Registered Identified Suppliers (RIS) should submit an SVAT invoice to the purchaser without delay. However RIS is required to make sure the purchaser is RIP.(Registered persons are given in IRD website). In addition, the RIS should submit following documents to the purchaser within 10 days following the end of the month:

1. SVAT Form 4 - SVAT Declaration (Shows the total value of SVAT invoices during the month)
2. SVAT Form 5 - Supplementary Form (Shows invoice wise details of SVAT invoices)
        SVAT Form 5(a) - Shows SVAT Debit notes if any
        SVAT Form 5(b) - Shows SVAT Credit Notes if any

SVAT Form 4 & 5 are both party documents and RIS is required to get these these forms back from RIP with the signatures of the RIP within the said 10 days period.

Further RIS is required to obtain an SVAT credit voucher for the total net value of SVAT supply from the RIP within 15 days of the end of the month.

All following documents along with SVAT credit vouchers need to be submitted to IRD by 30th of the following month.

1. SVAT Form 4
2. SVAT Form 5
        SVAT Form 5(a)
        SVAT Form 5(b)
3. SVAT Form 7 - Customer wise summary of SVAT supplies
        SVAT Form 7(a)  - Customer wise summary of SVAT debit notes
        SVAT Form 7 )b) - Customer wise summary of SVAT credit notes
4. SVAT Form 8 - Acknowledgement letter format
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Following documents have to submit under RAMIS.

  • SVAT form 4.
  • SVAT form 5.
  • SVAT form 7.

Once, RIP approved SVAT form 4, then you can go for the SVAT form 5 update. After that you can update the SVAT form 7.


If there's credit or debit note have to update followings.

  • SVAT form 5 (a)
  • SVAT form 5 (b)