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Can i issue the standard VAT invoice that i issue to VAT customers to non VAT / retail customers ?

What is the implication to us ? will we have to pay the money that we have collected as VAT from that invoice to IRD ?

If the customer is not VAT liable can i give an all inclusive invoice, and what are my liabilities to IRD ?

Appreciate your help

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You can not issue VAT invoice to non-VAT customers (VAT no.  may be printed on the invoice but VAT portion should not be shown separately)

Thanks for your assistance.

If i send a retail customer with a non vat invoice as mentioned by you, am i liable to take this revenue into the calculation of VAT when remitting to IRD ?

Appreciate your response.

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If the sale is VAT liable you need to add VAT portion and collect it from customer. Only difference is that for non-VAT customers you dont show VAT in a separate line item; it is added into the price itself.