I'm a Labour Supplier. Do I need to Pay NBT?

asked Aug 29, 2017 in NBT by Rajatha
We are a outsource company to pay 1 million total salaries to a other company. we charge the same amount with 4% service charge end of the month. we don't claim NBT from customer. We can charge VAT 15%  from customer. every month the same 1 million is revolving to pay salaries. Do I need to pay NBT?

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answered Aug 29, 2017 by Sajith (260 points)
I am not clear about this arrangement. Say you are a labor supplier who supplies labour to company A; and you also use another outsourcing company C to supply labour to campany A. And you invoice A at C's payment+4% Is that the case?

Labour supply is liable to NBT and the question is the basis for NBT calculation. Theoretically it has to be the same basis that you use to charge VAT.  If you recognize total amount (cost+4%) as sales and charge VAT on the total, then you re required to pay NBT also on that basis.

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